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Body Treatments

Full Body Mask

This clay delivers essential mineral to nourish the skin while antioxidants, release toxins and purge skin’s impurities. A luxurious all natural clay lathered on your body. You are then cocooned on a warm bed while the masque moisturizes your body. It is then removed
with steamed towels, followed by our all natural Shea butter lotion. Leaving you feeling silky smooth form head to toe.

75 Minutes - $110

Personalized Full Body Sugar Scrubs 

Sugar Scrubs gets the positive energy flowing. Massaged over dry skin,
you’ll stimulate circulation and release toxins with a gently warming sensation. Finely ground  and cushioned in a moisturizing gel and apricot oil, revive and brighten the skin. These scrubs are customized the day of your treatment and scented to your desire once you arrive.
75 min - $120
* Steam Shower available after this scrub

Aromatherapy Body Treatment
This all-encompassing spa experience starts with a two-step exfoliation, followed by a luxurious application of a stress relieving essential oil blend, and hydrating body butter, which is expertly massaged into your skin. Leaving you with that over all  pampering, rejuvenating, feeling we love. Then cocooned in linens while you enjoy a neck and scalp massage.
90+ Minute - $195


Seasonal Foot Scrub w/ Reflexology

Our Seasonal Foot Treatment includes an Essential Oil Sugar Scrub and 40 minute foot and lower leg massage that has been customized for the season. 

40 min - $55
60 min - $75

Body Polish 
This creamy body polish is applied to the body with long, flowing.,medium pressure strokes to soothe and exfoliate.  Finishing with light dusting strokes leaves you with smooth, moisturized skin. Ideal for sensitive skin,
stimulates circulation, lifts away dead skin,
accelerates epidermal cell renewal,
replenishes moisture, refines and softens skin. 
75 Minutes - $110
 * Steam Shower available after this scrub

Back Facial

Purifies and tones the back with the refined technique of our finest facial. Includes a custom mask and a warm stone neck massage.
  • This treatment is a facial for your back and will help clear any blemishes or just refresh your skin.
  • A glycolic treatment is included for that extra radiance!

60 min - $80

Dry Brush - Body Exfoliation Treatment 

As the name implies, Dry Skin Brushing or Lymphatic Body Brushing stimulates your lymph system. The human body is an intricate system and when working smoothly, the lymphatic system helps perform many functions to keep you healthy:
• The lymphatic system keeps the immune system healthy. Dry Skin Brushing keeps fluids moving aiding in destroying pathogens and filtering waste so that the lymph can be safely returned to the circulatory system.
• The lymphatic system keeps blood moving.  As blood circulates throughout your system, it delivers nutrients and oxygen to the tissues and organs keeping you healthy.
• A major benefit of Dry Skin Brushing is removing excess fluid from your system by stimulating circulation. Fluid build-up like bloating and other toxins that may be wearing down your system, cancer cells and dead blood cells.
• Dry Skin Brushing exfoliates, getting rid of the dead cells and letting your body regenerate new, healthy skin cells. 

 35 Minute - $55
Updated April 2019